"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." -Henry David Thoreau

"The landscapes are, in the end, inventions of Michener's imagination, they are made to represent both the difficulty of accessing nature and the healing, supportive environment that it offers."

Liane Davison Curator of Exhibitions and Collections, Surrey Art Gallery


“The Gorgeous Gorges are interactive experiences that encourage viewers to enter Michener’s spatial logic, to view the landscape both aerially and from the diminished advantage of the human figure or marker he has placed as a small-scale reference to the enormity of his illusionary strategy.”

– Paula Gustafson, Asian Art News

The viewer is drawn into an interactive relationship with the motif. Realism too is abandoned. It too often represents a crude materialism in which nature is regarded as "stuff" - an object without spirit. I am interested in nature as living process. I want the inner quality or feeling of my motif rather than its materiality.




"It is in vain to dream of a wilderness distant from ourselves." -Henry David Thoreau